Monday, February 2, 2009

Napoleon Dynamite Frees Balloon Release Number 72 ! ! !

Tonight me and Alan released balloons number 72, and I got the honor of letting them go. Kind of a symbolic gesture as tomorrow I leave on my BIG TRIP!!! Check out my travel plans at Napoleon Dynamite Travels The World. Here I am holding the Texas themed postcard I sent with my Balloon Release.

Let me tell you, those five balloons were freakin' bigger than me, and I had to really hold onto them or I might take a flight before tomorrow.

Another dramatic shot with the balloons tugging at me trying to whisk me into the air.

Alan took some shots of me as I was set to let them go. It was cold out so we didn't linger.

Goodbye balloons. Hope your trip is longer than mine, but I know it probably will not be. I leave tomorrow and hope you can follow the fun at Napoleon Dynamite Travels The World. Follow me, sign up for e-mail postcards, or best of write me and let me come stay in your town for a few days! Hope to see you all over there.

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