Wednesday, February 4, 2009

FOUND! Balloon Release Number 2 From Our First Day!

All the way back in December on the 17th Lexi let Balloon Release Number 2 float away into a cold and drizzly sky. They drifted up and away to the west so I thought with any luck they would be found in the dry landscape of west Texas. How wrong I was.

Here Lexi prepares to let the balloons go. Trust me it was quite chilly, but hey, when you have a new skirt to wear you have to wear it, right?

The balloon might have floated to the west as it left but at some altitude it changed course and found itself 211 miles away, hanging on a branch above a Louisiana river. The card arrived in the mail today and in a funny twist was found by a man who has released balloons himself. Now that must have been really cool for him!

"Hello, 1-3-09

You will never guess where we found your letter! Believe this or not we found your letter hanging on a limb in a river called Little River in a small place called Trout, Louisiana between Jena, LA + Pollack, LA on Hwy. 8. (Central Louisiana)

My husband was running his line in the river and I think he was very excited to find it. We have a little boy who is 10 years old and they had a balloon to make it all the way to central Arkansas one time!

Bubba, Christi & Colton The Beesons"

So how cool is that Balloon Release fans? Two days in a row we have had reported finds. Out of 72 releases already 4 have been found in four different states!

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Adorabibble said...

Sorry I knew of two not 4,
Oh most wonderful one with feet!