Sunday, February 15, 2009

Balloon Release 80 Let Go By Bart Simpson Found In Beckville, Texas! 160 Miles!

Once again people released balloons taook the back seat. So far balloons released by Trixi my dog, Napoleon Dynamite, and Lexi who is a teenager therefore not really a person have been found. Now Bart Simpson's has been found!

The balloon was releaed on February 8 from the parking lot of our apartments here in Atascocita, Texas. These releases lifted slow, barely clearing the building, headed north. Dropping out of the sky they were found in north Texas by Gene Williams. Here is the e-mail his wife sent me...

My husband found the balloons! It was in our back 40! lol! Back of the acreage.. no houses around lol!

His name is Gene and I'm Dee Williams

He found it about 10:00 am on 2/11/09...from Alan Mizell

Don't know the secret message tho!

We live in Beckville, Texas.. about 15 miles SOUTH of Marshall TX down 43 towards Tatum/HendersonBeckville on FM 959 between Hwy 43 & FM 1794 is where it was found!

Hope you hear from others you sent

Dee Williams

Here is a map showing the location found and air distance traveled. At 160 miles it is far from our record distance but a lot of fun. Thanks so much for letting us know Dee, and hugs right back at you!

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