Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Balloon Release Found! ! ! New Record Of 791 Miles! ! !

Another release has been reported found! Balloon Release 72 was set free just last night. As last time it only took one day to be found. This time the balloon was released in Atascocita, Texas and found in a suburb of Tampa, Florida! John Hayes sent this excellent and well appreciated note via e-mail...

Hello Napoleon;
I was playing golf today and was assisting a friend to find a stray golf ball that had gone into the woods. I spotted a bunch of balloons with one still intact (I'm looking at the Orange colored balloon as I type).
The card inside indicated that this was Release #72 with your various details attached.
The balloon made it all the way to the following address:
Alongside the 15th Fairway of the Renaissance Golf Club, Sun City Center, Florida 33573.
I wish you bon voyage on your upcoming trip. Enjoy the opportunities that are presented along the way.
Regards John Hayes

John writes to Napoleon because Napoleon Dynamite released the balloon last night, and tonight flew off to start his around the world adventure with his first stop in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Below is a map of the journey the balloon took.

A total distance of 791.25 miles, as the crow flies, assuming he flies in a straight line. I found a really cool Google Maps tool that shows the air miles rather than driving miles, so hopefully the distances are more accurate.

Pretty amazing that the balloon flew across the Gulf of Mexico and made it to shore, just so, and landed on a golf course just before Mr. Hayes' tee time. So cool.

That incredible maps tool also leads me to correct the first release where I thought the balloon traveled 540 miles. If it drove a car yes, but it flew, probably in a direct manner, and the corrected distance is only 462.915 miles as shown on the map below.

That's OK though. I like accuracy, and the almost 800 mile record for Balloon Release makes up for the correction. Can you beat that record. Not without releasing some balloons yourself you can't, so go to it.

(Isn't it strange that out of my 70+ releases and almost a dozen from friends that one found balloon was released by a dog and the other a doll? Guess I'll try to release some using a dummy, or a drag queen, maybe a dill pickle...

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