Monday, January 12, 2009

Toy Balloon Travels 932 Miles To Sweden!

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Kids at the Old Clee Children's Center in Grimsby, England released 100 balloons at the opening ceremony on November 17, 2007. Months passed and the memories faded and then came the amazing news that one of the balloons had floated all the way to Vilhemina, Sweden, a distance of 932 miles! The balloon was found on October 26, 2008, almost a full year after the release. "We were extremely surprised when we found out one of our balloons had been found", Jacqui Illingworth said. After a year I should say so. There's a challenge for Balloon Release. Our first find was 142 miles away. That's just a tad shy of 932 miles. Read the news story here.


Charli said...

Awesome. But I don't wanna wait a year... And do I really have to send off 100 to get one back?!

Alan said...

Charli- Balloons, like life and love, mean no guarantees... Perhaps a poem? I could mail you a fake card to appease you my Goddess! Speaking of I hope to soon tell a story on Laid Back Think Tank of a fake gift certificate that really went over well at Christmas... look for it soon.

Charli said...

Yes. A fake card and a poem would be nice. Snakeskin pump.