Thursday, January 15, 2009

Silver And Gold Balloon Release Number 58

Balloon Release number 58 was set free in Atascocita, Texas tonight at about 8 PM. This one was themed Silver and Gold, as the large bouquet was colored... guess?

Silver and Gold release ready to fly.

Those gold balloons almost hide in the photo, but the standard "Secret Message Inside" card is very bright!

Goodbye Silver and Gold! Good luck. They floated slow and low for a while, headed due east, then as they faded away in the distance, suddenly lifted upward and gained altitude.

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Join the fun here at Balloon Release and let a few go of your own, then share the story and images with us. Charli in Massachusetts and Linda in Tennessee did and it was great fun. Need help? Read our Balloon Release How-To Guide. It's FREE!

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