Sunday, January 11, 2009

Price Releases Balloons Number 51 And 52 In Kingwood, Texas

This afternoon at about 5 P.M. Price was the lucky boy who got to release numbers 51 and 52. We released them from a neighborhood in Kingwood,Texas into beautiful, blue Texas skies.

Price is all smiles, but a little torn between the adventure of releasing the balloons and maybe keeping them. He's holding his binoculars so as to track them.

The pictures are a little out of sequence. Here Lexi, Price's dad Greg, and Price watch the first bundle of balloons sail away.

Two bundles rapidly floating away to the east. It was one of those crisp, cool, and clear days, perfect visibility until the trees block the view.

If you click the image for the larger view you should be able to make out our last sight of the balloons. Let's hope the cards soon come back to us in the mail.

Want to join the fun. Sign up for E-Mail Notification when a balloon is reported found. If you want to release a balloon yourself read our Balloon Release How-To Guide.

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