Monday, January 26, 2009

One To Beat. A 6,000 Mile Balloon Journey!

Here's one to beat. This balloon traveled from England all the way to China and was found. We had better cross both of our fingers, maybe our toes too, here at Balloon Release World Headquarters.

If you're going to be beat it might as well be by an adorable four year old girl. Little Alice Maines of Manchester, England released her balloon in May as part of a school project for the summer fair. Four long months passed with no word. Several balloons were found in nearby towns, but Alice's seemed to have been lost.

5, 912 miles away 13 year old Xie Yu Fei, who goes by the English name of Nathan, was playing with friends and found Alice's balloon in the street. He graciously took the time to send a note with his name and e-mail address. The finder of the balloon was to receive a pass to the local zoo in England. Since it's a bit inconvenient for Nathan to travel to England to visit the zoo, the entire class is sending a box of letters and photos.

Nathan sent the above card and photo to let Alice know her balloon had been found. An incredible story of a huge release and find.

Yes, I already have e-mailed Nathan to invite him to join us here at Balloon Release.

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Charli said...

This story is so cool it gives me chills. I hope he becomes part of our community!

Alan said...

I take credit for the chills. (Evil laugh)

You are fast. I Mean that in a good way.

That was the fastest comment ever left.

Now go play the Robot Nine Picture Puzzle. (Evil laugh again.


Ursley Devar said...

wow! it's very far away........