Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Dog Trixi Lets Number 56 Go, I Do 57!

Trixi my dog had the honor of releasing balloon number 56 tonight, released in Atascocita, Texas at about 7 P.M. OK, to be honest...

She had a little help from her older sister Alexia! That was quite a large bouquet, I was worried Trixi might float away. That would be alright I guess as there is a note attached and she does have a tracking implant! So Big Brother of me.

I tried to hold balloon number 57 down to Earth for a while but it slipped past my defenses and swirled upward and followed the bouquet to the northeast. Good luck balloons, hope the card comes home soon.

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1 comment:

Charli said...

You look like you're dancing. With a balloon. Very cute. Like a ballerina. Do they have ballerinas in Texas?