Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lexi Releases Number 63. It's A Dud!

Early on the morning of January 20, 2009 Lexi released Balloon Release number 63. Again the balloons, as last time, were day old ones with limited lift. The bouquet slowly drifted up, east, than west, and promptly snagged on a power line. Since Lexi refused to scale the pole and ease out to the balloons to free them I decided to just go to work. A lost cause. But at the very last minute a gust of wind freed the balloons. Don.t get to excited. By the time the cheering stopped they had sailed across the highway and snagged more permanently in a tree across the street.

Here the balloons hang, tangled in the twigs. I have a fear that the balloons will rot and the card drop, and some person will mail it to me from across the street. Worse, they may walk it over, smirking as they hand it to me.

I intend to keep a running update in the sidebar with the length of time the balloons remain hanging in the tree. Should be interesting to watch and see how this unfolds.

UPDATE: The balloon that became snagged on Veller Street became free and apparently floated away later that same night.

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Charli said...

Glad it got away! It would have been very funny had your neighbor walked it over, though.