Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kodak EasyShare C713 Digital Camera Almost Ruins Balloon Release 30, While Losing Over 100 Photos.

Due to a camera memory malfunction, Balloon Release 30 will have to be represented by artwork. The balloon itself was released from the lovely brown beaches of Galveston, TX at about 5 P.M. on January 3, 2009, drifting north toward Houston. Lexi released the balloon while I shot the image as seen above. Luckily I have professional skills to let you see the dramatic liftoff of the balloon with a thirty foot ribbon attached! The drawing is almost photographic, except their were only two balloons. And they were pink. And the beach is browner. And it was hazy. And Lexi and Trixi are both cuter. Slightly.

I can wholeheartedly say do not buy a Kodak EasyShare C713, as this is the second time the camera has mysteriously lost over 100 images, both times pix that were impossible to replace. Like the balloon release. Like a huge amount of hard to reproduce images for three other online projects. Like photos of my sister visiting me for the first time ever. Kodak, sorry, but you suck. Sorry for the rant, if interested in my review read it on CNET.

For a more positive ending- Balloon Release 30! 30% to One Hundred! When are YOU going to release a balloon and send us the images and story.


Leon Basin said...

Hey, how are you doing? Hope all is well.

Alan said...

Hi Leon, doing fine. Now, when are YOU going to release a balloon and note and send us the pix and details???

Linda S. Socha said...

Hi Alan

I am going to plan a release...What is the plan? Is it a matter of just sending a note with the balloon? What works best?

Alan said...

Linda, here are the basics.

I take a postpaid postcard, .31 at the PO. On one side I fill out my address, on the other a note reading...

Balloon released from (address) at (time). This is balloon number XX.
If ound please let us know...
by whom-
Join the fun at
e-mail me at

I figure a postpaid card stands a better chance of being answered. You may include my blog and e-mail or not, your choice. I number my balloons and we are up to #30. I would love to log yours on the site, so I suggest coding them Linda-1, Linda-2, Linda-3, etc.

Now, how to send. I wrap the postcard in a piece of paper, bright color if I have it. (The reason being that the one that went 142 miles was bleached white from the sun. Lucky for me the address side was down and they understood the concept. The paper wrapping keeps the ink safe from fading.)
Then I put the paper in a zip-lock baggie for water protection. Seal it firmly. Then I puncture a small hole on the outer edge of plastic so I can tie the balloons without opening the bag to moisture.

I find it sometimes takes two balloons to lift the package. 17" maybe 1, 15" two. I sometimes don't blow them up all the way, as they expand as they rise into lower pressure air, so they go further before popping.

It would be great if you could supply some photos of the release, and the address so I can log them. I won't publish an exact address, just a town or street with a link to Google maps. Then I can post it in the sidebar as Linda's release or releases.

I work at an apartment so we have balloons left over every day. When I bought them before it was about $6.00 per dozen and took three to lift, so four releases.

What part of the world are you in again? I have a few other potential releases happening in Martland and Hong Kong, maybe Oklahoma, Colorado, and Louisiana. This could be interesting.

Any questions e-mail me at or through the blog.


Allylala said...

Hello friend!! I have found myself with some time to make a balloon release!! It will happen tomorrow and I will post pictures on my blog, and of course the balloon will be red. How exciting! I'll keep ya posted!