Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Lied For YOU And Balloon Release Numbers 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, And 38!

A huge night here at the World Headquarters of Balloon Release. 6 bundles released in one night from the 8300 block of Hwy 1960 East in Atascocita, TX, all of them drifting due east. Maybe my sister will find one in Louisiana.

You should know that every day a small bunch of balloons would go in the trash at my place of employment, an apartment complex, were it not for Balloon Release utilizing them. Tonight, in order to get the balloons home I had to resort to a bit of untruth. One thing we have in our apartments are kids, lots of kids, so many kids. Kids that cling, want, ask. If you give them a cookie you invite a day-long endless stream of kids all seeking a cookie. So tonight as I was gathering the balloons in the darkness the single most clinging, begging sub adult appeared in the gloom with that question, "Can I have a balloon"?

Evil man that I am, I knew with this child a balloon would set off a daily procession of kids all wanting the balloons, ending the Balloon Release project. (Yes, I know I could release them there with the kids, but this would encourage them to pull off all the balloons every day. Trust me on this, OK.) So I told the boy that I had to gather them as we reused them every day, that the balloons were filled with helium, a very expensive gas. He doubted me as I loaded them into the car, wondering why I would not put them in the office.

Of course, I told him that my company was afraid of balloon burglars and wanted the balloons to come home with me, that they had purchased me my car so I would have a roomy vehicle to transport the balloons. Ethically debatable, yes, but hey, more balloons got released and the project extended!

Just so you know, I might tell a little lie here and there, but I will not resort to stealing, cheating, or murder!


Allylala said...

How funny I'd probably do the same thing, but elaborate with a twist...something like I am the balloon protector from planet Balloonium, and this is my way of contacting them to let them know that their planet will continue to be safe...on a side note....I made my balloon release you may read about it in my blog! You can also "borrow" the pictures off of it.

Alan said...

Allylala- Balloonium, I love it! San Antonio is so pretty (compared to H-Town!) What a nice release. I will post tonight with a link to your blog, I am also going to post on Laid Back Think Tank with the story. I will put Allylala's release in the sidebar, and of course if it is found, let me know as that is the most exciting days here at Balloon Release World Headquarters on Balloonium!