Tuesday, January 20, 2009

GIANT Obama Inauguration Balloon Release Number 64!

Tonight a GIANT 18 balloon bouquet floated away in Atascocita, Texas, traveling west at a slow clip. The balloons were left over from an inauguration watching party, 18 red, white, and blue balloons with attached streamers lifted the Balloon Release pre-paid postcard into the night air. Call it the Air Force One of Balloon Release events.

It was quite chilly out, not Washington D.C. chilly, but cool anyway, so we let the huge balloon bunch slither up off of the balcony. After it was let go, the balloons sailed back over the building and from the front door at the opposite side of the apartment I watched it sail westward. Hopefully this large bundle will fly high and fast. Maybe Barack will find it on the lawn of the White House?

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