Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day Old Balloons Are As Bad As Day Old Bread

It was a challenging day here at Balloon Release World Headquarters. I thought maybe letting balloons sit overnight would cause them to rise slower, more dramatically. Trust me, it did! Just make sure you release away from trees, as they definitely rise more slowly. Also, there's a fine line between a slower rising balloon and a no rise balloon...

Lexi and the required cute pose with balloon number 59.

She had time to turn back wistfully and wish number 59 luck as it slowly rose from Corydon Street in Huffman, Texas and drifted north.

Number 60 was releases from Veller Street in Houston, Texas. Again, a slow goodbye as she rises into the late morning air. That ominous tree in the background has a cousin just out of the shot that the balloon gingerly skirted into...

Becoming lodged in the upper branches. Oops. It was impossible to reach or set free, though winds may have tossed her loose by now, but I don.t know for sure. Watch me get a postcard when the neighbors find her. Distance traveled. Zero miles!

Lexi set about for a quick after dark release of number 61 in the Walgreen's Drugstore parking lot.

I didn't realize it for a moment, until I saw Lexi laughing and pointing as the poor bouquet dragged across the ground lamely. No more pep in this one's step.

Adding a third dark green balloon, the balloons limply gained altitude in an amazing slow motion rise. They headed east toward my house and I fear they may land on my doorstep. At the speed they were traveling that five mile journey should take about two weeks.

Last release of the day, number 62, was done in the parking lot at home in Atascocita, Texas.

And there they go, drifting away to the east. Let's hope these balloons released at different times of day and varying condition are found in widely spread out locations.

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