Monday, January 5, 2009

Cold Weather For Balloon Releases 31 And 32

Release numbers 31 and 32 were done tonight from Atascocita, TX, and it was quite chilly outside. Which explains the even more dubious than normal state of the images, Lexi was not keen on going outside for a release and snapped them from the balcony. Of course, cold in Houston means 45 degrees, so all those north of us feel free to laugh now.

One big bundle, one long string of balloons.

You can just see the tail with the package at the upper left of the frame.

Readying the long string.

And away they go, headed southwest toward the city of Houston.

As summer comes we will see some improvements. One, later days mean better daylight images in the evening. Also, I am going to have some cards pre-printed, ready for stamps, and spend more time on the aesthetics of the release. It's the artist in me! I also plan to have a section with step-by-step photos on how to best do a release, as many people have them planned. Remember, take pics and log the release here to share with the world. Another plan is to interest teachers in class release projects. Hopefully there could be some related lesson in weather, science, geography, and a fun project for the children. 100 at a time will increase the odds of being found!


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