Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cambridge, Massachusetts Balloon Release By Charli

Charli joined the Balloon Release fun today with FIVE balloon bouquets set free in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

She picked red and orange balloons as they matched the clothes she wore today. The lady at the store asked if they were buying balloons for a party, but Charli told her they were for a Nationwide Community Outreach Art Project. I like that.

Postpaid cards increase the odds of getting a response, and Charli included Balloon Release information in case they prefer to answer by computer. Click on the image for a better look at the card.

Another cool tool is the "Secret Message Inside" card, or something else that would catch someones attention. The card protects the postcard from being bleached blank in the sun, and the message encourages passerby to pick up the card.

Hi Charli. You should know at this point that in Cambridge it was 20 degrees Fahrenheit today. (My mailman shivered and said "It's gonna get cold today". I asked him how cold and he answered "Down to 45"! Some postal worker in Massachusetts hates him now.)

Charli had Michael helping, and he got the thankless task of untangling knotted ribbons, meaning he had to take his gloves off. 20 degrees, don't forget.

Five bouquets ready for launch.

Hey Charli, I often have to resort to that ribbon in the mouth technique. Today I had to stalk a balloon down, stomping my big feet on the ribbon before it lifted from the ground. All that while holding other balloons and a camera.

Off into the cold skies above Massachusetts.

Far away and going fast. Charli has plans to release more balloons in the future. Of course all of her launches will be logged here, so let's hope some get found soon. In the meantime, visit Charli to read her blog.

Do you want to join the fun. Read our Balloon Release How-To Guide. Also, be sure to sign-up for our e-mail notification. We will send mail only when a balloon is found. It's the easy way to get the exciting news.


Linda S. Socha said...

Fantastic Photos Charli! Whoopee!
Fun Idea Alan! By the way, I also have family living in Houston.

You inspired me! We had our monthly family get together this evening. This is a very informal laid back casual affair we do monthly early on a Sunday evening.

Five of the fifteen family members gathered at Yvonne's place tonight got together and they set off five balloons.

We used multi colored balloons for the send offs! In this case, blue, red, green, pink and yellow!...Just because!. I will be forwarding photos to you soon. Thanks for the balloon game Alan.


Alan said...

Linda- That is so cool. I can't wait to see the photos, and if you don't mind I will post them on Balloon Release with a link to your blog. If any get found let me know, that's big news here at Balloon Release World Heardquarters!
Charli's photos are great! I have let so many go, the day images are always so much better, so colorful, and her coat and hat and tha balloons, it's a just so HAPPY!