Monday, January 5, 2009

Bishop McDowell Regional School Releases 70 Balloons, 5 Found!

Bishop McDowell Regional School in Pittsburgh, PA allowed students to release 70 balloons, each with a note and address attached. You can also alert the students that a balloon has been found through the school website. They released their balloons on September 8, 2008 and five have been reported as found, ranging in distance from 99 to 166 miles. Four were reported within two days but one was not turned in until over two months later! Read the story and check out the found ballon details on their Balloon Release Page.

We are at 32 released balloons here and one found before the blog began. Ours went 142 miles, in the middle of their range. Every day it's a little like Christmas wondering if the gift of a found balloon will come in the mail or through the blog. Please join the fun, release a balloon, code it with your name and a number, eg. Alan001, and take pix. Send us the pix, release location and info and we can log it on the site.



Noelle said...

Alan, if I do this with my class, would I put my school address? I'll let you know when I plan on doing it though.

Alan said...

Noelle, I would think the school would be good. I am sure the children would love the excitement of seeing the actual returned card if one comes back! You can include Balloon Release blog address and e-mail, or yours, what ever you wish. I think an e-mail increases the oidss of a reply.
Please send pix so I can post them on the site. How many kids are there? THat could be some cool and dramtic shots ther!