Saturday, January 10, 2009

Balloon Release Reaches A Milestone. Release Number 50 ! ! !

A super cool milestone was passed today as Balloon Release Executive Vice President Lexi released number 50 from Greens Road in Humble, Texas! That's a lot of balloons, making it seem almost inevitable that soon we shall receive some found notices. Sign-up for e-mail notification of when a balloon is found!

Release 50 was done up well with TEN balloons, a special card announcing to the finder that they found number 50, a Balloon Release mini poster, and multi-colored streamers! Here Lexi prepares the huge bouquet.

Can a balloon be properly released without a little model styling? No.

I might disagree that this is the best time to put a mint in your mouth. Just release the darn balloons Lexi!

I tried to catch Lexi and the balloon sliding away. Ten balloons don't slide, they leap!

Goodbye Balloon Release 50, and hope you are found far, far, far away. Like in Brazil!

Rising high and headed south, this is the last we saw of the balloons. With any luck they will drift back into our lives.


Charli said...

Yay! This is a lovely one. Those Texas skies sure are pretty. So blue.

Alan said...

Funny, you've been in Cambridge too long, lol. That's gray and cloudy. Blue was yeasterday when it was like a Robin's egg on acid!