Thursday, January 1, 2009

Balloon Release Numbers 27 And 28

I released numbers 27 and 28 tonight right after the New Year's Eve fireworks began. Lexi, Sara, and I released a total of 6 bouquets, bringing the total so far to 28. These were the first 6 of 2009! Here they are floating in the dining room before they left us.

On every release it seems much time is spent untwisting the cords that seem to grow together.

Look at those fancy moves, such release style. They were released about an hour and a half ago as I write this, and must be far away by now, presuming they made it through the gauntlet of fireworks that illuminated Houston!

All 6 were actually released on Veller Street in Houston, near the Intercontinental Airport.

With any luck a reply will be coming in the New Year mail!


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