Friday, January 2, 2009

Balloon Release Number 29 Runs Into A Spot Of Trouble!

Here I am at about 5 P.M. on January 2, 2009, ready to release a bouquet of 4 yellow balloons from Veller Street in Houston Texas. This time I was out of postcards so the release featured a complete self addressed and stamped envelope with note inside.

I thought it would be funny to let one go with a long string, so here I am reeling out about thirty feet of ribbon.

Ready for release, the longest cord ever. I really had to time this right as there were plenty of trees around the property and I did not want it to get snagged. I already had one balloon temporarily snag on a power line giving me a fright, not so much for the lost balloon as the for the potential call saying my balloon caused a 10,000 home blackout!

And away it goes...

Could you predict the next part. Of course it got stuck. The balloons rose and the card skirted several branches, tugging and releasing, tugging and releasing, before snagging on a tiny twig at the top of a very shaky looking tree. If you click on the photo for the larger view you can better see the straining ribbon trying to pull free.

There was a danger in trying to free the balloons as gusts of wind were pushing the balloons across the street. We tries to hit the branch for quite a while with sticks and wood scraps. Hit it at the wrong time though and one of those gusts would push the balloon right across the street into an even taller pine tree. After several dozen attempts the balloon slip free and rose in the air!

The breeze carried it northward at a steady clip, making it number 29 to be set free. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Allylala said...

Yellow was an inspired choice!