Saturday, January 17, 2009

Balloon Release 56 FOUND ! ! ! 462 Mile Trip ! ! !

On January 14 Lexi and I released a bouquet of balloons, number 56, but we let Trixi wear them for a few minutes. Though she was unimpressed and barely noticed the balloons, we credited her with the release.

It was a chilly night, and the balloons rose fast and sailed northeast. Read the complete post on Trixi's Release if you wish, and you will see she is a lucky dog.

The balloons Trixi let go on January 14 were found on January 15, only one day later. They had traveled from Atascocita, Texas all the way to Gosport, Alabama! I received an e-mail notification that reads...

"My dad found #56 attached to a yellow balloon on Thursday, January 15. Location is in Gosport, Alabama about 2 miles south of US Highway 84 in Clarke County and near the Alabama River.
He is supposed to be mailing the card back to you

Check out the map of the release flight path below.

That trip is a distance of 462 miles! A new Balloon Release in-house record! Can you beat that one? I hope you do.

Did you get an e-mail notification of this balloon being found? I didn't think so! Why not? Because you have failed to sign up for the Balloon Release Found Balloon E-Mail Notification. I will e-mail you ONLY when a balloon is found.

Do you like this fun idea and want to join the party? Do you have some questions? Don't hesitate to e-mail me or read our Balloon Release How-To Guide. It's FREE!


Charli said...



Nice work, puppy.

Linda S. Socha said...

Love it!. I am waiting for a find..none yet. Love the balloon thing. Glad you are working with it

Noelle said...

What fun! Yay for Trixi!

Adorabibble said...


That is too cool.
I would love to do that, hmm...

Problem being in AK, worries they would drown at sea, or freeze to death.

must think about this!

Trixi Rocks!