Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Balloon Numbers 54 And 55 Are Released Today!

Early this morning balloon release number 54 was done on Greens Road in Humble, TX, at about 9 A.M.

Here the bouquet is readied for release.

Floating into the crisp and cool blue morning, sailing southward.

Nice view of the balloons with the sun peeking over the edge of the building.

Release number 55 was an evening release by Lexi in Atascocita, Texas, happening at about 7 P.M.

Always with the poses, Lexi... just let the balloons go!

Gotta love that blue shirt, pink pants, and black boots. I think she dressed for the balloon release.

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Charli said...

She knows her fashion. It's FABULOUS.

Do you have a helium tank at your house? I mean, seriously.

Alan said...

Yeah, she's a cutie, but it was pretty bright and basic colors. No helium tank, remember I work at an apartment. Why pop and throw away balloons at the end of the day when I can use them!