Monday, January 12, 2009

Balloon Floats From Brigg, England, Across The North Sea, To Wielkopolskie, Poland.

To celebrate the opening of the Thomas Bell Country Store in Brigg, England, customers were given balloons to release with notes attached. Balloons reported found were eligible to win prizes. (Balloon Release readers, don't get any ideas!) Several of the balloons were found in nearby towns but one landed 750 miles away, a perilous trip across the North Sea and a large portion of Europe, finally coming to rest in the town of Wielkopolskie, Poland.

4 year old Reece Easey was the boy who launched the balloon and the store rewarded him with a gift certificate worth £50! Magdalena Skrzypczak of Poland reported the find and won a jacket in the contest. Good reason to keep your eyes on the lookout for balloons.

Reece's mum (so British, hmmm?) Jennifer said, “I can’t believe the balloon landed in Poland, when I let it go I never thought it would get so far, it’s brilliant, and to have the chance to spend £50 at the store is even better." Hey Jennifer, the boy released the balloon, so take your eye off that fancy set of garden tools!

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