Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Have You Ever Released A Balloon? Was It Found? Here's The Story Of Our First Balloon Release Find!

Welcome to Balloon Release. You may have already read this first story in a post I wrote over on Laid Back Think Tank a few days ago. I have released balloons in the past with a note attached and have had two returned to me. This is the story of one of them, the most recent.

It has been a long time coming because the balloons were actually sent aloft from Atascocita, TX back in February of 2008, and a letter came in the mail from the finder, but somehow I carelessly misplaced the reply. Just the other night I jarred my desk causing some papers to slide along the back side and down the wall, among them the envelope! As you can see it had taken a toll while it sat on the desk, suffering through notes and coffee cups, before hiding.

I had originally sent a postcard with my address as the receiver with a note on the back side describing the project. The postcard as returned was bent, dirty, weathered, and I guess it was just luck the address was visible as the reverse side was totally faded. The finders luckily placed it in an envelope and returned it to me.

Not just any little letter was good enough for the kind-hearted finders, they saw the adventure that the balloon note carried with it. 12 year old Landon Kelly found the balloon on his grandparent's farm near Newton, TX, and they sent a super-awesome Western themed card with the perfect image, a young lad with his dog and horse reading some mail that seems to have arrived in the more conventional fashion.

Inside the card Landon and the adults wrote a very nice letter which I have transcribed below, or you can click on the image for a better, larger view.

Landon's text is in red, his grandparent's in blue...


My name is Landon Kelly And I'm 12 yrs old. I found your balloon in our pasture in newton tx

Actually, in his Grandparent's pasture (Will and Donna Barrow) March 12.

Was fun to find your card. Hope you enjoy ours. We live in Newton, TX on a 40 acre farm. We are very close to the Sabine River, which divides Louisiana and Texas. Hope you are having a fun and blessed Easter.

The balloon was released in the 8300 block of FM 1960 Road East in Atascocita and landed in Newton, Texas, a distance of 142 miles! Hey, for now, that is a Balloon Release Blog record!

It was quite disappointing losing the letter before I could answer it, so finding it was so excellent. Strange, it was found on March 12, and they sent greetings for Easter. Now that I have found the letter I am sending them back a long letter in a huge Christmas card. I will keep you posted on their answer.

I will soon post the story of our latest release so I hope you will stop in often and check out what's been sent aloft or found.

Alan Mizell
Atascosita, Texas


Robot Nine said...

Oops, I just noticed the poor little fellow is looking a bit disturbed as this is his report card.

Noelle said...

How absolutley amazing, kind of like message in a bottle but better!