Sunday, December 28, 2008

Man Ties Engagement Ring To Helium Filled Balloon. How Romantic. How Stupid!

Lefkos Hajji thought it would be quite the romantic gesture to tie his sweetheart's engagement ring to a helium filled balloon- the unbearable lightness of being... married, or something like that. Walking out of the jewelry store with the 6.000 English pound ring (that's over $8,000 American dollars), a gust of wind did the oh so predictable. I love how the newspaper has a sidebar with a "Wedder" Forecast, explaining that upper winds were at 40 MPH and the ring should be somewhere over the North Sea, but if Lefkos wants to redo the balloon thing, winds are less now, so less chance of a gust. Read the whole stupid tale here.

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Charli said...

I would freakin' kill him.