Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Balloon Releases 21 And 22.

Balloon release numbers 21 and 22 happened just this morning as two new bouquets were set free on Greens Road in Humble, Texas. The first were let go by myself, three balloons and postcard as shown in the four images below.

The second round was a large bunch of 9 balloons and Rigo got into the fun, freeing them into the sky. We both nervously watched as they barely cleared the buildings, then floated upward.

Both bunches floated southwest into a beautiful blue sky on this cool morning, the last day of the year... December 31, 2008. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they are found.

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E. Michelle said...

Neat idea. Once as a kid in Missouri, I found a balloon that a kid in Iowa released. We wrote each other a few times. I believe I released on in elementary school too. It was a fun project.