Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Balloon Release 1 and 2 From Atascocita, Texas

Tonight was the Official Balloon Release Inaugural Ball. OK, I took some balloons that were left over from the apartments I work at and attached a note and released them. Luckily I had two postcards at home as the Christmas rush had the lines at the PO twenty deep, even at 8 PM at the 24 hour post office we have here in Humble, TX. Below I am holding the two bouquets and Trixi my faithful companion is on a leash and by my side.

Sorry for the image quality but it was night with a puny and cheap digital camera. Seeing how faded the postcard that was found was, I wrapped these in a sheet of paper to prevent bleaching by the sun. Then the postpaid cards addressed to me were placed in zip seal plastic baggies. I punched a hole in the outer edge so water cannot get in and tied them to the string hanging from the balloons. Foolproof!

My daughter Lexi caught this dramatic image just as Balloon Release number one left the frame of the viewfinder. The bright specks in the picture are drops of drizzle, as it happened to be raining misty drops, and fog was very low, the balloons quickly vanishing in the grey. Both bunches drifted away to the West. Maybe to Katy? San Antonio? El Paso? Los Angeles? Tahiti?

Lexi released Balloons number two just after this shot. Dad was not talented enough to catch the balloons in air, that shot was totally black. Oops...

Both releases were mad tonight, December 17, 2008 at about 9:00 PM from the 8300 block of FM 1960 in Atascocita. Hopefully someone will have a Christmas surprise and find these soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

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